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Online Certified Crystal Healers Course


We now have people becoming Certified Crystal Healers ALL across the world!!. We recently launched our NEW Crystal healing ONLINE Training Course which has had an amazing response!!.

  Would you love to become a Certified Crystal healer or add this Training to your current clinic Environment??.

  With my years of experience,  Natalie will teach you a powerful Energetic Healing Modality, Crystal Healing.

This is self paced course!

Topics Covered-

Module 1-What is Crystal Healing?

Module 2- Learn how to use Muscle testing to identify blockages in the chakra system

Module 3- Learn about the 7 major chakras and the glands and organs associated.

Module 4- Learn about which crystals are better suited to particular chakras.

Module 5- Learn how to cleanse your crystals and prepare then to assist in healing.

Module 6- Learn how to work with universal energy.

Module 7- Learn how to energise the chakras using universal energy.

Module 8- Learn how to energise the chakras using hands on energy healing.

Module 9- Learn how to cut energetic cord on your client.

Module10-Learn how to release energetic hooks from your client.

Module11-Learn how to release energy form your client using the vacuum technique.

Module12-Learn to hold the space so healing can be activated

Module13-Learn how to manage your energy.

Module14-Learn how to document your client’s details.

Module15-Learn How to conduct a crystal healing session.

Please note: This course is trademarked and is the intellectual property of Serenity Natural Health ™.

Course will Include:

-Course Manual ( PDF )

-Chakra Crystal Kit ( Includes 7 Crystals to match each chakra )

-Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group that Includes our Training Videos

-Learn and be guided by Natalie who is a Diploma Qualified Kinesiologist and the creator of the powerful healing modality Kinesi-Crystal Therapy (tm)

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