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Level 1 Kinesi-Crystal Therapy Online


Our Level 1 Kinesi-Crystal Therapy course is a prerequisite for our Certified practitioner training. You can also study level 1 to use for your personal use to share with your loved ones and family.

If you wish to use this powerful modality in a clinic environment you need to become a certified practitioner, so you are equipped with all the right tools to effectively help your clients.

Study online-

This is designed for our international,and interstate students or for those who prefer to study at home.

Investment- $299, Includes manual ( Pdf ), crystal kit, videos and skype coaching.

Please find below the modalities included in Level 1.


Module 1


- What is kinesiology

-Hydration and it's importance

-Learn how to balance central meridian

-Learn switching ( Upgrade to our practitioner training).

-Learn basic muscle testing.(Upgrade to our practitioner training to learn one more muscle test positions)

-Learn how to create goals.

-Learn how to discover underlying emotions using emotion charts.

Establish a time frame, eg, an age where this emotion first presented itself in your life.


Module 2

-Learn about the chakras ad the rol they play with the energetic body.

- Discover hoiw the chakras are related to meridians, organs, and glands in the body.

-Learn to identify chakras/ meridians- ( In our certified practitioner training course we explore the meridian system in more detail).

-Learn how to balance the meridian system using neurovascular points.

-Discover how to energise a chakra using your hands to energise the body.

-Learn about affirmations and the power of positive thought.

Module 3


-What is crystal therapy?

-Discover which crystals are best suited to particular chakras.

-Learn how to energise the crystals with hands on healing that will balance the chakra system.

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